James Casabere

Six years ago, we bought a James Casebere piece from the Sean Kelly Gallery.  We loved the piece the minute we saw it.  What is unique about Casebere is that when most people see his work their first reaction is to say how much they love the painting.  But, it isn’t a painting, it is a photograph.

He builds small complex models that he photographs.  Using lighting, sometimes water, and pares the structure down to make it look empty highligting the details of the architecture.  The piece we have looks like a painting of the catacombs in Rome. 

This particular exhibit is made of a variety of newCasabere_2
images that are references to secular and religious architecture.  My favorite piece looked like an ancient forum in Greece, the other of a hillside of buildings in the Middle East.

Definitely worth going to see.  Nobody else creates work quite like Casebere.