Kate Moss hits Barneys

I didn’t have much to do today so I figured I’d go to Barneys Coop for the opening of the new Kate Moss line. See if there was anything for the girls.  I could always return it if it didn’t fit or more to the point, if they didn’t like it.

I got there around 10.  I thought that was when the store opened on 18th.  I was not the only person with the same idea, no surprises there.  Unfortunately, the store opens at 11 so I sat in line and waited with the crowd which was starting to build.  Luckily, I had todays NY Times crossword in my bag.

The door opened and in we went.  There was one rack and a small table.  That’s it.  Henley tank tops – totally boring and not necessary from Kate Moss, Skinny Black jeans that were long and cropped – didn’t bother trying them on (although the stylist behind me in line told me that they were like the Old Navy skinny jeans that were fantastic that nobody knows about- good to know ), a black cropped jacket and a gray long top or very short dress (depending how tall you are)decorated with beading.   Things were scooped up quick.  I wasn’t so slow myself.  I grabbed the jacket and the dress for the girls.  Everything is specked very small.  Very narrow and definitely for the more flat chested crowd.

The girls were thrilled.  One got the jacket, the other the dress.  Cute but not an omigod and definitely for the younger crowd.  I felt very trendy today.  Just a note, my friend was at the uptown Barneys and basically saw the same thing.