Keiko New York

Years ago my sister in law clued me in on Keiko.  I have been a loyal patron every since. 

Keiko, who used to be on Greene Street has moved, after 11 years into a new space at 123 West 23rd between 6/7th.  Keiko is the queen of swim wear. 

Buying bathing suits was never fun, at least for me.  Nothing fits exactly like I wanted to.  Keiko has changed all that.  She makes bathing suits for you.  She has a variety of suits from bikinis to one pieces but you can choose your color, choose your design and she measures you proportions and makes the suit for you.

For instance, I loved one suit but didn’t want a halter.  No problem, she made me a different back. I wanted the leg cut to be a little lower, no problem, done.  I liked the suit with 3 different colors, can I pick different ones?  Sure. All different cup sizes too. 

Granted, her suits are not cheap but these days they aren’t so far off the price of an upscale bathing suit.  It takes her a few weeks to make them.  Depending on your body, she might have one perfect for you in stock.

Prices range from about $130-$250 depending on the suit.  I have had some of her suits for years and they still look great.  This is not a one summer toss away. 

Small niche business but a find. 

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  1. Susan Cornwell

    am looking for a swimsuit I saw on msn