I have officially hit boredom.  The kids are getting older.  On one hand, I need to be around more but on the other hand there are many hours during the day where I really could do something.  I am organized so there really isn’t much hanging over my head.  Vacations are pretty much booked through next year, I could do the photo album but I generally save that for summer, kids have their activities ready for summer, etc.

The other night someone said to me, if you had a total blank canvas, what would you do?  Truth is, I couldn’t answer that.  If I could do absolutely anything that I have the skill set for is one thing but absolutely anything that I don’t have the skill set for is a whole other and unrealistic ball game.  Like being a painter, sounds romantic but not happening.  Running a company, sure but I am not willing to dedicate that kind of time at this point of my life. 

So, I went to the movies.  I saw two films yesterday.  Away From Her and Paris Je T’AimeAway From Her has a lot of press.  First time director, Sarah Polley, chose a script based on an Alice Munro book.  A couple who has been together 44 years and the wife gets Alzheimer’s.  A subtle slice of life movie.  Well done but I didn’t love it.  Surprising enough it didn’t stir my emotions like I thought it would.  Says something about the film.

If you don’t love Paris already, you will after seeing Paris Je T’Aime.  15 or so shorts of encounters that take place in neighborhoods of France.  All done by well known directors and actors from all over the world.   I enjoyed some more than others but all well done and interesting.  Each clip has a name and tells you who directed it.  Glad I saw it.

More movies next week, for sure. 

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