I admit it, I am a sucker for previews.  You can tell a lot about a movie in a few minutes.  Obviously they are edited incredibly well to pull you back to the theater for the whole film but it is a quick glimpse of what is to come.

I saw the preview for Once a few times.  It completely appealed to me.  Two people meet on the street, both musicians, they make beautiful music together.  They also become really good friends. Do they stay together? 

The movie is a bit like a long music video of indie musicians.  The two main characters, Glen Hansard of the Frames and Marketa Irglova actually made music together prior to the film. 

The movie was given an award at Sundance this past year.  The film is really all about the music.  The collaboration of musicians, the love for music.  The music people write and why.  It was well done.  A true indie film.  The entire budget was only $150K which is quite remarkable. 

A real slice of life film.  It is sticking with me especially the song Falling Slowly.  I am listening to it as I write.   

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  1. Charlie

    I love previews so much that I’d go to watch an hour and a half’s worth of just previews… no movie…

  2. Johnny O'Brien

    You should check out the record called “The Swell Season” which Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova released back in 2006. Worth a listen.