Quick Light Summer Meal

It has been frenetic the past couple of days.  People coming, people going.  Late meals.  Emily has actually been the point griller.  I just send her a text message when I am en route.  Tonight we tag teamed.  I made the veggies, she made the shrimp while I went out for a pick up. 

The meal was a big hit.  Simple and light.

One medium sized zucchini per person horizontally down the middle
2 Italian tomatoes per person cut in half (the long way)
1/2 lb of shrimp per person peeled and skewered.
French feta cheese

Douse everything with olive oil and kosher salt.  Grill it on the grill.  I did the veggies earlier on and just kept them covered with tin foil to stay warm.  Emily grilled up the shrimp.  I took the feta and crumbled it all over the veggies.  Served them both up.  A light simple Greek influenced summer meal.