Spinning in the Hamptons

The spinning war has begun.  Zone Hampton used to rule the roost, no longer.  Soul Cycle, from the Upper West Side is opening out in Bridgehampton this Memorial Day Weekend.  The bad news for Zone Hampton is that many of their loyal customers go to Soul Cycle during the off-season in the city.  Everything is also new.

Zone Hampton woke up and supposedly purchased all new bikes ( I will wait until I see that with my own two eyes since that purchase should have been made about 4 years ago) and have expanded their other activities. 

Being efficient is probably a big plus.  I have never been to Soul Cycle ( I live downtown) but I hope they are on time and actually take reservations, have their website working on time for the weekly craze to grab a spot.  Zone Hampton has never been too efficient on that score, always running late too.   But, the instructors are great and the energy is high. 

So, let the show down begin.  Where will peoples loyalties remain?  Is there enough indoor cyclists to keep two places up and running?  Only time will tell.