The Gardener of Eden

I bought tickets to three movies to see at the Tribeca Film Festival.  This year, the majority of the movies take place in the evening either at 7 or 10pm.  Very few during the day or morning vs. last year.  For me, the day works best so 3 movies is it.

Yesterday ,with the girls, we saw Gardener of Eden.  The movie was directed by Kevin Connolly (currently on Entourage) and produced by Leo DiCaprio.  Also, the leading actor is Lukas Haas (remember the kid from Witness although he has done tons since then). 

Figured this could be a good one.  Could it be green lit for the big time?  Hmmm. 

The movie is incredibly disturbing.  Dark dark comedy.   Lukas Haas plays a New Jersey townie who hangs out with his townie pals.  They work at random jobs after high school like pumping gas or working in a deli. One night Adam (Haas) gets destructively drunk.  In a rage, he decides to destroy the next guy he sees walking down the street.  He does.  The guy turns out to be a serial rapist.  Adam becomes a hero.  His life completely changes.  He has a new purpose.  He will be the town vigilante.  His friends think he is insane.  He should probably be committed to a mental institution but instead he lives like a normal Joe going on about his "mission". 

Not sure what thee people behind this film were trying to say?  Look what happens with out solid gun control laws?  What type of law enforcement do we have?  Plenty of people are so blinded to reality that they believe what they are doing is for the good of the community?  Who knows.

All I know is that all three of us walked out of there speechless.  Beautiful cinema photography, great acting but slow and not a good screenplay.