The Mercer Kitchen

Making brunch reservations is not easy.  Most places don’t take reservations, just a first come first policy. But, it was mothers day and there were 7 of us. The Mercer Kitchen takes reservations starting at noon, so that is where we went.

I used to love the Mercer Kitchen.  Simple food with a twist.  A great kitchen that is open to the restaurant downstairs.  I had read that the food had gone down hill but how bad could it be?  Answer, pretty bad. 

The eggs were like rocks, the tuna roll (which was one of my favorites there) was not good.  The tuna was tough and the crust wasn’t tasty, even the wasabi tuna pizza wasn’t up to par.  A total bummer. 

Alas, as much as the Mercer Kitchen used to always pull me back, I am afraid that unless there are some major changes in the kitchen, I might not be making anymore pilgrimages there. 

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  1. Shripriya

    I was at Mercer Kitchen recently and have to agree with you. None of was food was good – actually, all of it was barely edible.