1770 House

The past couple of years we have been in the Hamptons during our Anniversary and have always had dinner at the 1770 House.  When they opened, it was really good.  Local food, high end, a treat.  This year, I believe, will be was our last year.

We actually spent the night there this year.  First time.  The rooms are large and spacious.  Comfortable beds.  The A/C wasn’t working right so we just opened the windows and got a pretty cool breeze.  They have really done a nice job on the place.  Even the back yard has been built up from last year.  A nice patio with heat lamps and seating around a water fountain.  Probably a really nice spot to have a drink at night.

Dinner was not memorable.  Very heavy handed.  Although the menu has changed and everything looks good, it just isn’t what it has been in the past.  We started with two different appetizers.  I had the beet salad which was roasted heirloom beets covered with greens, sliced fennel, shaved cheese and a light vinaigrette.  In need of major salt and I am not so sure those beets were heirloom.  Fred went with the salmon tartare served with an Asian slant.  The salmon was laden with oil.  Not light as is should have been based on the flavors used.

For the main course I went with the scallops.  Great presentation.  Four seared scallops served across a white rectangle plate sitting on a brown sauce mixed with fresh peas and mushrooms.  Way too heavy.  Again, I expected light.  Fred went with the lobster.  He knew it would be heavy so I will take a pass on the heavy comments here.  Lobster poached in butter and served over a corn risotto with spinach.  The risotto was like a big lump and not that good.  Very disappointing.

Dessert was great.  Roasted strawberries served with a beautiful round almond cake. 

We had a really nice night, as always but decided this would be our last  year at the 1770 House.  I believe we had a similar experience last year but were hopeful this year.  It is too bad.  There is really nothing else like the 1770 House in the Hamptons.  It is a place to go for a really special evening.  New chef perhaps.  One change in the kitchen could change it all because the atmosphere is really nice.