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I love the vibe at Little Giant, located downtown on Orchard.  The big windows, the comfy banquette seating, the intimacy of the restaurant and I really like the staff.  They are so nice.  They make you feel totally at home. 

We went there for dinner again last night.  Wasn’t as "wowed" as I was the last few time but I so like the vibe that I’d go back again regardless.  Some things were really good and others were just okay.

We all shared the pickle plate.  A variety of veggies from carrots to green beans to beets to jicama.  Some were a little over done but the jicama was light and refreshing.  One of us had the marinated artichoke hearts served with a whipped cheese dip.  Simple and good.  Could easily be shared with the table.  We also ordered the peppadew peppers but somehow they never made it to the table.  For a first course, the rest of us went with the beets.  Golden and red beets roasted and served with watercress, roasted pistachios, sliced peaches and a piece of rind of blue cheese from a local farm.  All good.  I really liked the combo of peaches with beets.  Totally works and creates a beautiful presentation too.

For dinner one of us had the fish soup that was more like a beach stew.  Shrimp, mussels, etc.  Good but not really filling.  Our waiter should have recommended something with that like mac and cheese.  Or, the option of serving that over pasta.  Two of us had the grilled salmon over a grain mixture with macerated raisins, asparagus and roasted pine nuts.  Good but not great.  I had the "swine of the week".  This was really good.  Sliced fennel with a brown sauce accompanied with a curry roasted pork roast and a relish.  This was different and delicious.  A huge portion.  I should have brought what I didn’t finish home.  Sliced up with some caramelized onions, a slice of tomato on a toasted roll would have been top the next day.

We didn’t do dessert but it all sounded good.  BTW, I also started with a grapefruit margarita.  I usually drink my alcohol straight but it sounded so delicious…and it was.  They serve a variety of interesting drinks that sound really tasty. 

Although the dishes were spotty.  Spotty being some were amazing and others were just good.  We will be back.  How can you not?  Little Giant is like having dinner at a friends house who happens to be a really good cook.   

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  1. artifact

    My favorite in that area is the Pink Pony, great atmosphere, very low key, food has a home cooked feel and awesome piped in music. Cash only. Then go to a Pianos or the Livingroom up the street for some live music.

  2. john doe

    cute place, worth supporting.