Design Life Now

The Cooper Hewitt Museum on 91st between Madison and 5th is a gem.  The building is an old mansion so the actual building is quite large and beautiful particularly the sweeping staircase up to the second floor. 

There are two exhibits now.  One is called Design Life Now which is basically what it says.  Different designs for the times.  Anything from lighting to fabrics to fashion design to animation to technology.  It is well curated and is quite broad.  Taking over the entire museum from the basement to the second floor. 

Outside in the garden which is beautiful.  A large lawn with places to eat and the cafe extends out into the garden is the other exhibit called Design for the other 90%.  Basically intelligent inexpensive designs for 3rd world countries.  Housing, water resources, storage, health care and education.  It is hard to take in.  Definitely worth having someone explain each piece which was done with by a variety of people with student groups.