Dixie’s Tupperware Party

Reading the review a few weeks back about Dixie’s Tupperware Party sparked my interest.  So, I bought 2 tickets for me and my Mom to go (a mothers day gift) and then have dinner afterwards.  The play took place at Ars Nova on West 54th between 10th and 11th.  Ars Nova consistently puts on really great off-off Broadway productions. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  It is literally a Tupperware party in the setting of an interactive theater drag queen performance.  Absolutely hilarious.

Dixie is a brilliant actor.  Quick on her/his feet.  Trashy mouth.  Great sales person.  Her idol, is Brownie Wise, the original single mother who in the 1950’s took Tupperware to another level by creating the in home concept of Tupperware parties.  Dixie, probably sells somewhere in the range of $15-$20K a month of Tupperware.  We even get to see a webcam of her supposed children who she really needs the money for, especially her son Duane who needs surgery.  Yeah, right. 

The show is original to say the least.  My mother and I were participants last night.  We were brought on stage to compete in a tossing and rimming (sealing the rim) contest against two other guys.  Unfortunately my Mom wasn’t paying much attention to the rules of the game and we lost.  As she knows, I hate to lose but it was all in fun. 

Clever show, totally kitschy, you get the gist after 15 minutes but the show lasts an hour and a half with no intermission.  You can buy Tupperware while you are there or send in your form later which is what I plan on doing.  She deserves the commission.