Fear of Change

I love Fred’s post on Fear of Change.  What’s up with fear of change?  Fred and I are lovers of change.  What’s new, what’s next, what is coming around the bend? 

Democracy is ever changing.  To think that you can hold time back is not only insane it is impossible.  Every generation is blown away by what is available now vs. what was available when they were growing up.   Those changes mold and create the next generation.  And it will happen again and again. 

Our kids are much more connected and attuned than I ever was growing up.  As adults, embrace it and just figure out how to navigate it.  Stopping it will only create strained relationships. 

Technology is really what has created the most of the change we live in today.  What would life be without an ATM card, a cell phone, a computer, the Internet, an Ipod or let’s go even farther back.  A television, a washing machine, a dryer, a dishwasher, air conditioning, heat, electricity.  Would you ever want to give it back?  Not. 

Change?  Bring it on.