High School Graduation

Every year, as a trustee of the school, I get to have the ultimate pleasure of sitting through High School graduation.  I am always blown away by the kids and their thoughts about their school.  Our school is an incredibly diverse progressive school.  Education is about the whole child for who they are not what they should be.  They are taught to question authority, be comfortable in being the minority of the group in their opinions, respect each other regardless of race, religion, politics, etc., social justice, taking down barriers, working in a real world and much more.  The environment creates authors, artists, politicians, business people, chefs, dancers, actors, etc.  I am pretty sure that of the 37 people graduating today, they all have completely different interests.  Those interests have fed off each other through their time at LREI. 

Graduating High School is a major milestone not only for the individual but for the parents.  I sat there thinking, wow, my kid is going to be walking across that stage in 2 years.  How did that happen? 

Congratulations to the LREI class of 2007.  There is no doubt in my mind, you will all make a difference.