Joni’s in Montauk

Our friends turned us on to Joni’s a couple of summers ago.  We drove out there for lunch the other day.  We might drive out there for breakfast when we get back.  Joni’s reminds me of the Grey Dog in the West village.  It has that hippie vibe with great sandwiches, smoothies, salads and cookies.  You basically can’t go wrong.

The sandwiches are on the board.  For salads, they will give you a list and let you circle what you want in your salad.  All good.  Chocolate chip cookies and fresh fig bars are also a treat. 

Although there are tons of different places to eat in the Hamptons, the food as a whole is just okay.  Joni’s is really good.  A treat.  A huge thumbs up on Joni’s.  This could be our new summer place.