Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson is one of the most impressive sculptors of the 20th century.  Currently, the Jewish Museum, has an exhibit of her work.  The museum is located at 92nd and 5th.

Nevelson is known for her sculptures that are made of found pieces.  Although she came from the Ukraine and then her family moved to Maine when she was 10, she became a flamboyant New Yorker and received many public commissions for her work which can be seen all around the world.  One part of the exhibit actually shows pictures of her sculptures and where they live.  What strikes me as quite amazing is how her work was recognized from the onset from exhibitions to national events to commissions. 

The exhibit is definitely worth seeing.  Everything in there is either black or white.  From a small self portrait iron piece to mostly large wooden structures.  Dark and intense yet beautiful. 

One particularly piece was pointed out to us from the security guard.  He wanted to know if we recognized it. Park_avenue_stat
I finally did.  It is on Park and 92nd.  We walked by there afterward to see the piece which is actually a great way to end the exhibit.  Take a stroll over one block to see Nevelson’s sculpture in an outdoor space, where it belongs.  Quite breathtaking.