Richard Serra

Years ago at the Gagosian Gallery, I saw a Richard Serra exhibit.  I admit it, I am a bit pedestrian when it comes to art, and I just didn’t get it.  Luckily, someone was there to give me a bit of guidance. 

In essence, it is architectural art.  Taking large structures of steel, creating spaces with them, molding them into pieces of a long winding statue which stands on its own although weighs many tons.  Conceptually quite cool.  Ok, ok, I still really don’t get it but that sounds good right?  Regardless, it is essential to get to the MOMA and see the exhibit.

The enormity of these pieces can only be felt standing next to them.  A huge maze of iron in the expansive rooms of the second floor and inside the garden leave you in awe.  I didn’t get as much out of the sixth floor with his smaller structures.  It is the large overwhelming pieces that blew me away. 

This is probably a one time opportunity to see these pieces in the middle of New York City.  Don’t miss it. 

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  1. artifact

    Another great place to see a permanent collection of Serra’s work is at the Dia Beacon. Nice car or train ride to an old Nabisco Factory turned gigantic exhibition space.

    The quality of the steel structures have aged with time so when viewing the sculptures you are within the darkened depths of color.

    In my opinion his minimal sculptures, highlight the beauty of simplicity and the magnitude of historic iconic artifacts be it man made or natural.

    He has something to say!