Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking, like apple picking became an annual ritual from the time
Emily was probably 2 years old.  I remember going out to the fields and watching Emily sit herself down in a strawberry patch and go to town.
Her entire face became red from munching the strawberries.  Much more fun than
picking was eating.

Picking came and went because the last few years picking wasn’t so easy.
The farms, at least where we were, would prefer to sell their wares instead
of letting people pick.  Produce was not that abundant.  But this year,
picking was everywhere.  We might be a tad older but it was fun nonetheless.

I am not sure Fred ever joined us on one of those early outings so it was a
treat to do as a family.  We each got our box and sought out the best
strawberries.  It was hilarious.  Everyone would scream out and show the
perfect strawberry.  "Look at mine, oh my god look at this bunch, come down
here there are tons of big ones."

Everyone picked a their own box.  Home we went to make our yearly batch of
strawberry jam.