The Grecian Festival

I can’t help but post this picture.  All the kids were involved in the production of the Grecian Festival.  First we got to see the end of year Science projects which were made of legos and then motorized to perform some type of task.  Josh and his partner Parker made a basketball shot for the amusement park.  It was pretty cool.  But, the Grecian festival…

All the kids were dressed in togas and we sat through one and a half hours of theater.  Quite entertaining.  Here is Josh playing Zeus.  Even his sisters sat through the event.  Perfect end for 5th grade.

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  1. James Forbes

    Let’s hear it for patient, supporting sisters! When you’re a young dewd their perfection in things important can drive you to distraction. When you’re older, their protection is priceless.

    as usual great posts, JoAnn.
    Jim Forbes