The Summer of Love

1967 is referred to as The Summer of Love.  40 years have passed and the Whitney has taken the opportunity to celebrate with an exhibit.  I just wish they had really taken the opportunity and blown it out.  So much potential not executed on. 

The exhibit takes places on 2 floors, I wish they had taken 4 floors over like they do with the Biennial.  Conceptually the idea is great.  A walk back into the 1960’s highlighting the Summer of Love in London, New York and San Francisco.  Psychedelic art, drugs, music, rebellion, politics, war and just change.  Everything was covered.  These are big topics but you can’t cover a lot over two floors.  I would have loved to see a whole floor on music alone.  Alas.Jess_2

Highlights were photos of musicians and Woodstock, a fantastic collage by Rauschenberg which covered every 60’s figure that was killed.  Also, a booth where you peered in and saw a kaleidescope which went on forever and the
ultimate den that was a huge box with an indoor cave of fabric covered seating.  It would have made a great den of iniquity in the 60’s.   The picture is of Jessica in the "cave".

Glad we went.  The kids loved it but for me, it came up a little short.