The minute you enter Wallse, you are glad you came.  Small, intimate and modern any time of the year.  The front room which has a small bar (that is always packed) and then the back room which is a bit larger but still feels intimate.  The art is eclectic.  The menu is interesting. 

You can’t help but wonder what exactly is Austrian food?  Heavy schnitzel?  Exactly the opposite.  The food is delicate and sublime.  Nouvelle cuisine incorporating seasonal ingredients with an Austrian twist. 

We didn’t have a cocktail but was fascinated with each one being mixed by the bartender.  The wine list is really interesting mostly from the areas of Austria and Germany. 

The spring menu is being served now.  You can order from the spring menu or the regular menu.  There is also the option of a chefs tasting menu.  We opted for a mix between the spring menu and the regular menu.  We began with two different appetizers.  Served on a large disc of ice was a smaller disc of whipped avocado and a layer of crab meat layered over that.  Light and tasty.  The presentation was truly unique.  Now that I am a beet lover, I went with the beet salad.  Red and golden beets roasted and sliced into quarters topped with roasted pistachios and a small handful of micro greens and tiny pieces of goat Gouda.  Very light.  The flavors worked perfectly. 

For dinner we went off the Spring menu.  I had a roasted black sea bass (quite a large piece) that had a crispy crust served over a wine reduced sauerkraut.  A light foamy sauce infused with black truffle poured over the top.  Really beautiful presentation.  Light and tasty.  Fred went with the skate.  Roasted skate also served with a foamy sauce and large beans.  A bit heavier but skate is.  Also delicious. 

We hung out for a while afterward at the bar.  Wallse sits on the corner of Washington and 11th Street. Sitting on the corner of the west village creates another vibe too because the large windows make you feel as you are flowing into the street.  When the sun goes down, the corner almost shines. 

I don’t know why I waited for so long to return.  I definitely won’t wait so long to return again.