Back to town, Fira

Our hotel is in the middle of Santorini so having a car is key.  In many ways, I like being out of the main drag.  It is very mellow.  We go out during the morning/early afternoon and come back in the late afternoon to chill. 

This morning we went into Fira for the total tourist experience.  We took the cable car down the mountain into the port and the donkeys up the mountain.  It was fantastic.  Sounds cheesy but I’d do it again.  First of all, the town is much bigger than you think.  We went through the town this morning following signs to the cable cars.  Decided that taking the cable car down was better because taking the donkey down could be a bit daunting and opted to take the donkey up. 

The cable car ride lasts maybe 2 minutes.  Beautiful views (see the picture above).  Once you get off the cable car you are in at the port.  The port is a semi-circle where there are basically a few tourist places and mini-markets but the water is gorgeous and the people couldn’t be nicer.  We looped around and found the donkey area. 

The donkeys are much smarter than you think.  First of all, they are very competitive.  They like to be first inDonkeys
line.  I got on the donkey thinking that some person was going to walk the donkey slowly up the hill with me.  Wrong.  The donkey takes off and it doesn’t take more than a few seconds for me to realize that I am on my own.   The kids come behind me a few moments later.  We are all hysterical.  My donkey had taken off until the others caught up with us.  At one point, Jessica’s donkey literally kicked mine when he tried to cut him off at the pass.   Walking up the hillside is beautiful and the entire activity is comical.  An absolute must do. 

Afterward, we strolled through town and decided it was time to find our lunch place.  We had read about a place called NRG Cafe.  We looked and looked but to no avail.  But, hey with a few blackberry’s and Google, you can always find what you are looking for.  NRG is above Murphy’s Bar up the road from the Lava Cafe.  We found them both and low and behold we found NRG. 

NRG is a small clean little crepe place both savory and sweet.  Lucky for us, the one high table was just emptying out and we had a place to sit.  Thin sweet crepes wrapped up with your fillings of choice.  I went with the Italian tuna, feta, tomatoes and corn.  Delicious.  The girls had the same sans Feta.  Fred went with the pesto, feta and artichokes.  The pesto was sweet.  Josh went with the special, chicken,Crepe
pineapple, cheese and sweet and sour sauce.  It sounds weird but it was quite delicious.  Again, worth finding this place.  Crepes are everywhere particularly around Santorini square.  NRG off Santorini  Square about 2 streets but worth the walk. 

Next stop, pool. 

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  1. Alexandra

    Hello! I am currently in Greece and recalled that you had been with your family – thrilled to have rediscovered this series of posts on Santorini. I was wondering about your accommodations – did you like where you stayed or would you have preferred Fira? We have two boys ages 6 and 9, so family friendly is necessary. Thanks so much!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I liked where we stayed although we did drive around to do things. We were kind of remote from the rest of the island

      1. Alexandra

        Thanks! Can’t wait to explore this lovely island!