Blue Ribbon Sushi

I have been to Blue Ribbon Sushi countless times over the years but we went the other night and ordered the Omikase from the chef which is a first.  Always interesting to see what each chef serves you at each restaurant.  Blue Ribbon was quite the treat. 

The Bromberg Brothers who had built the empire of Blue Ribbons around the city and most recently in Park Slope have done a great job.  Between sushi, the bakery and the restaurant which has a very ecclectic menu, I frequent all their restaurants except for the one in Brooklyn and am always happy with my meal.   

First course was pure sashimi where you got the standards, yellow tail, tuna, salmon, mackerel etc.  The horse mackerel was actually served in the raw with a dipping sauce.  After we ate it, they took the entire fish, deep fry it and served the pieces with a different sauce.  It was spectacular. 

Second course was all sushi.  Very different and interesting.  One thing which I have never had was raw lobster which was served with an intense butter sauce to dip that we raved about until the next day. 

Once you start ordering sushi that you want a la carte, if you are willing to spend just a bit more, it is worth going with the Omikase.  You get much more and I get the feeling, after doing this a few times, that the chef really gets into it.  Also, you get to experience sushi in a completely different way.

From now on, I might just be sticking with the Omikase route.