P1010002Returning to a town that I knew like the back of my hand 25 years ago is interesting.  I know the lay out and I know where I am but the city has changed yet in some ways it hasn’t changed one iota.

I haven’t been to Boston in about 15 years.  It was a fantastic place to go to school.  After all, I did meet Fred there.

There is a definite hum to every town.  I forgot how provincial Boston is.  A lot of the restaurants remain the same as they did 15 years ago and some 25.  Some of the stores have changed but some have remained.  The city has grown, like all urban cities but mostly on the outskirts and areas that were calling out for development.  The one big change is that all the roads are now underground vs. above.  We all have read about the invasion of the "big dig" as they refer to it in Boston.

I am only here a day but I want to come back with the kids and check out the new art museum which I have seen pictures of that hang over the water.  Also the new building at MIT.  Today instead of visiting the new, I just revisited the old.  Not all the old as I didn’t get to Kenmore Square but just walking the streets near Copley and a stroll thru the Commons. 

Boston really is a beautiful town.

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  1. gfood

    We just moved to Boston from Gramercy (3 weeks ago)…we are exploring boston, figuring out the new spots, restaurants…I kept thinking, where would gothamgal stay/go…I’m so glad you came. Will have to try Sorelina. Boston really is a neat place – we’re having fun so far.