Buying bras is not exactly high on most peoples list.  Honestly it is a pain in the ass.  I personally wish things like bras and underwear just mysteriously appeared in my drawer when I needed new ones.  Unfortunately technology hasn’t got to that level yet.  So, bra shopping we go. 

I have been to all the bra shops in NYC which are supposedly the best in fitting you and inventory but I still find the process not fun and truthfully walk away unfulfilled.  Although the technology to replace my drawers is not there my dreams have been heard.

My sister met a woman at a party, her name is Elizabeth Friedman.  She has an MBA and worked at Pepsi for years in the marketing department but decided that bras were her calling.  Her company is named Libra.  You call Elizabeth and she books an appointment to come to your house, at your convenience with bras and underwear in tow.  She asks you to take a few measurements of yourself before her arrival so she comes prepared. 

I booked an appointment with Elizabeth last week for me and the girls.  She says it takes about an hour a person to begin.  Elizabeth knows bras.  One look at all of us and she knew exactly what we needed.  Not only does she have an incredible supply of bras and underwear, I have never seen the majority of these labels before.  She fit me perfectly and I now have bras that actually fit as they should.  The difference is incredible.  As Jessica said to my Mom on the phone, it is a completely different experience like nothing you have ever had before.  She is absolutely right. 

I felt like I had to call all my friends immediately and tell them about this.  Elizabeth also does alterations if need be.  Put it this way, very rarely do you find bras with a 30" back, she has them and the difference is huge.  That would be the girls with a 30" back, not me.   Also, her prices are no different than the stores.  On an added note, she was missing something in a color and the next day it was at my house, Fedexp, with no additional charge.

You could have a Tupperware party with Elizabeth.  Have your friends over and do a bra party, swear.  Call Elizabeth and tell her you found her through me.  Elizabeth Friedman, Libra, cell phone 914-772-1418 or 212-517-0004, email address is [email protected].  It is worth the phone call. 

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  1. Jim Forbes

    MaForbes, a spry 89 year old who lives in the tiny town of Azusa, is something of a foody and reads your blog just asked me:
    “So why didn’t you have this bra lady when you were showing companies at Demo?”
    yaknow, it’s a great point.
    Another great post Post JoAnn.

    jim Forbes

  2. ellen

    Years ago you went to Lady Grace or Jean Belson in Boston, and there was always a nice elderly lady that fit my Mom perfectly. They even did alterations while you waited. Forget about it now. We need this woman in Boston.

    I must admit I have gained some weight and my back is 40. Try buying a 40c in a regular store and an extender just does not do it for me. The sizes go up to 38 and NOT everyone likes Platex.

    We need what Victoria Secret did for the young body but in older sizes and better made. Victoria Secret is the star of branding. The workmanship is terrible, but their concepts and publicity are fantastic.

    You were once in fashion. Maybe this is your calling. If we all don’t die young, there are many big honey’s( my husband’s favorite expression for my new weight gain) out there.

  3. Christina P.

    Major vouching here! Elizabeth (or “Bon” as she is also known) changed my life. Seasonal sessions bring a new wardrobe and a well deserved laugh around the whole bra-process. In addition to her talents, Bon has a great sense of humor and amazing insight into what you individually need in your undergarments (sometimes when you don’t even realize it).