Enough relaxing, we drove into Fira for dinner.  An adorable rambling town built into the side of a mountain over looking the water.  Seeing the variety of white structures rambling down to the water with the sun setting is a breath taking sight.

We had dinner at Archipelago.  We sat outside over looking the water.  The sun was setting.  Sweeping views over looking the now dormant volcano.  Ships here and there enjoying the scenery.

We had a variety of dishes last night.  For the group, we split the tomato pancakes.  I really liked these.  I am not sure what was in them but it appeared to be chopped up tomato bread salad that had been deep fried into large balls.  Full of flavor and an interesting texture.  Everyone had an appetizer.  Josh and I went with the classic shrimp, feta and ouzo called "saganaki".  This particular one had quite a spicy bite at the end also the shrimps were large headed shrimp.  Very good.  Em had a vegetable soup which was basically a tomato based soup with veggies and pureed.  Interesting but not out of this world.  Jessica went with a smoked salmon that was layered between crispy triangular chips of pita bread and a mango avocado sauce.  It was very different and good.  Made me want to bust out and explore a little on the dinners coming up.  Fred went with a roasted eggplant dish mixed with feta and peppers and a spearmint sauce over it.  Spearmint sauce was all over the menu. 

For dinner, everyone but Josh went with seafood.  He learned.  When in Rome, do as the Romans.  Everyone is going with the fish from now on.  I had a sauteed calamari served in tons of olive oil, olives and sun-dried tomatoes.  Really tasty with a scoop of rice in the middle of mix up the sauce.  I gave Josh half of it because he had ordered a veal dish that he did not like at all.  Fred went with the seafood risotto and the girls had seafood salad, same as Fred’s with no rice.  All good and fresh.

Dessert, of course, baklava and roasted fruit.  We strolled around Fira and took in the town.  A really nice evening.