I’m Rachael Ray

We ate at two different places in Maine and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast.  One for breakfast and one for dinner.   I felt like Rachael Ray.  We were en route to Naples Maine, where Josh’s camp is.  We stopped in the town of Westbrook Maine for breakfast.

We are driving down Route 302, through Westbrook and Fred yells "stop, there is somewhere we can go for breakfast".  The place is called Wake ‘n Breakfast.  Loved the name.  Sounds like Wake and Bake which many people did in college and high school for that matter.  We walk in side, one of the waitresses is writing the specials on a big chalkboard.  A definite locals spot.  Tiny booths and big window where the short order cook is.  Loved the place.  Pictures of Bob Marley were everywhere.  Perhaps they did the Wake and Bake but just changed the word Bake to Breakfast.  We went with the pancakes.  Pretty good.  The total for breakfast for the two of us was $13. 

After leaving Josh’s camp, I had made reservations at a place called the Inn at Long Lake.  Like all good B & B’s, they have no email.  You have to send them a check and pay for the rooms, 3 night minimum, in advance.  An old house with nice rooms and  breakfast cooked by the owner.  It was exactly what you’d imagine.  Hadn’t stayed at a place like that in 15 years.  It was nice.  We got our room, chilled, took a shower and set out for dinner. 

When in Maine, go to dinner at a place that you can’t experience in NYC but only in Maine.  That would be a lobster shack.  We went to the Naples Lobster Pound.  The smell alone will pull you in the door.  A shack.  Low ceilings with picnic tables built inside.  It doesn’t matter how many are in your party, everyone gets the same table.  Sort of like the Clam Bar in Napeague.  Food is Maine cuisine.  Lobster, clam chowder, clams ( steamed or fried), cole slaw, steamers, corn, pies and ice cream.  It was aCooking_lobster
fantastic meal. You can only experience food with this vibe in the middle of Maine.  We loved it.  If you happen to be in Naples, check it out.  The picture if the outside of the restaurant and where they make the lobsters.  FYI- you can also get food to go. 

I laughed with Fred that I felt like Rachael Ray.  She’d definitely go to Naples Maine, which happens to be a big location for summer vacations with many restaurants at affordable prices.  I can so see her there checking out the restaurants and the prices and doing a day at less than $40.