I couldn’t agree more with Andy Ostroy’s report on ITards.  Definitely worth the read.  He comments on this generation which is more interested in the latest gadget than the young men and women fighting in Iraq.  There is a serious disconnect between this generation and the world at large.  After all, this administration has done absolutely nothing to engage the people of the US to feel any pain for our diminished troops, our standing in the world or the real truth of how are country is being run.

Today’s dismissal of Libby’s sentence by George Bush sends a clear signal that this Government considers itself above the law.  It is okay if you are in charge to not follow the law.  Does this Administration realize that they only have 18 months left to do what they feel like doing?  Where the hell is the balance of power?  The lasting effect has yet to really be seen. 

Regardless of these atrocities, nobody seems to care.  The press has been completely mute for the past 6 years.  You have to ask yourself, "where is the outrage"?  I am outraged that Libby will not serve his sentence that this generation is more concerned with the new gadget than the destruction of our Government here and abroad.  Perhaps now is the time for a really fresh slate.  I say bring on Bloomberg.  Get rid of the back room antics among the Democrats and Republicans to control their power.  We need to show America is strong and we actually do believe in democracy.  This Administration has no regard for democracy which our foundation was built on. 

My blood is boiling.