Jessica in Florence

I flew into Florence this morning.  You can’t fly directly into Florence so I went through Munich.  Flew Lufthansa Air who happen to be partners with United Airlines.  An incredibly efficient organization.  We landed on time, got off the plane, walked over to the next gate where they were boarding, got on and took off.  It couldn’t have been more seamless.  What a pleasure! 

Got to the hotel and Jessica arrived 10 minutes later.  Loving the hotel.  I am staying at the Hotel Savoy.  Perfect location and wonderful rooms.  Also, Jessica brought her laundry over here yesterday (my suggestion) for them to do and the woman who checked me in told me she met my daughter, etc. etc.  Love that. Booked it through AMEX which is always a bonus because they give you an upgrade.  I have been using the same travel agent at AMEX for the past 2 years.  I found someone who is efficient and gets back to me quickly and gave me his email to contact him directly.  It has been a joy to work with him. 

Jessica is happy as a clam.  Her month in Florence has been a wonderful experience.  She took me to one of her favorite places for lunch.  We walked forever, did a bit of shopping and she went off to spend the last night with her friends.  Tomorrow, it is just her and me doing our thing.  I am really looking forward to eating my way through Florence with her tomorrow and a little shopping too.

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  1. fred

    man she looks great

    i guess a month in florence is what we all need!