Josh and Camp

It was fun to go to Maine.  A place where I had not been since college days.  Josh’s camp is about 40 minutes outside of Portland. 

This is his 4th summer at sleep away camp.  3 years at one camp and his first summer at this camp.  Co-ed vs. single sex.  No sisters but solo.  A completely different experience than his last camp.  I’d say 180 degree difference from the surroundings last year from the kids to the activities to the vibe.  I am glad he went.  But, alas, this is probably the end of his sleep away days.

Josh was thrilled to see us.  The day consisted of going to his activities which I liked.  I asked Josh, as all Mom’s do, "so do you like it?"  His response was classic.  "It is OK.  I think that I am done with sleep away camp".  Me, "that is fine, so what do you think you’d like to do?"  Josh, "I want to go somewhere where you can eat really good food, maybe see a museum in the morning and do something cool in the afternoon like explore and chill…you know like something urban.".  Me, "are you saying that you’d like to spend a month in possibly… Barcelona"?  Josh, "exactly".  So I heard him, I put that on the back burner.

Then we met Josh’s counselors.  All nice guys.  The main counselor is going to be a Junior at Berkley next year.  He says to us.  "I am so glad to have Josh as a camper.  He is the only kid that I talk to about stuff and forget that he is 11.  It is like talking to a 16 year old.  His taste in music, conversations about politics and his thoughts on travel".  OK, is there a theme happening here? 

Fred and I have lunch, which is separate from the kids since some kids don’t have parents up so they have their normal lunch hour with the entire camp.  I ask Fred, "what is it, what have we done to our kids that make them so beyond their years"?  It is a combination.   We treat them as individuals who are responsible for themselves, not like children, they are engaged in conversations about art, politics, business, etc. as if they are adults which allows them to express themselves as they see fit, we challenge them to stay on top of what is happening in the world.  Josh actually asked what is happening in the Presidential race and how is guy, Dennis Kucinich was doing. The three of them also have a unique opportunity to travel to other parts of the world and see things that most people don’t get to do, and they live in NYC where they are empowered at a very young age to own their own town which is not your basic every day town.  So, the question is what do we do with these kids next summer?

I am already on it.  It is so great to watch your kids grow up and come into themselves.  Josh is definitely moving into a next stage.  Looking forward to spending the majority of the summer with the little man.  Emily and I go up in a week to pick him up.

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  1. ellen

    Teen Tours? but is Josh still too young?
    Both my brothers went to camp in Naples, Maine. I don’t blame Josh.