Josh is back in town

Emily and I went up to Maine to pick Josh up from camp.  It was strange on one hand and bittersweet on the other. 

The camp is pretty low key.  Nobody even said boo when I picked him up.   I walked into the office which was pretty busy and said I was there to pick up Josh Wilson.  No problem.  They called his name over the loud speaker and Emily and I walked outside to meet him.  His counselor came with him and a few bunk mates to say goodbye.  Then we walked back through the office.  I guess I was expecting someone to come up to me and shake my hand, ask me how Josh liked camp, where were we off to, how was our summer, something.  Not a word.  Considering this was Josh’s first summer there ( and now his only ), I found the whole interaction kind of strange.  We left the office, backed up the car and I hauled his luggage in the car.  Nobody even asked to help and if you have ever seen the size of a camp bag, you’d understand why I needed help.  Perhaps the last camp they went to was so efficient and hands on in terms of relationships and marketing that I was taken back.  Regardless, I found the whole thing strange.

Bittersweet because that is it for us and sleep away camp.  It is incredible how quick the kids grow before your very eyes.  We had quite a sweet dealing going where they went away for 8 weeks together and left us to have our own camp.  That is over.  Josh did 4 years at sleep away and he has had enough.  I get it.  Emily did 6 and Jessica did 8.  They experienced it, they got out of it what they wanted and now it is time to move on.

Josh could not have been happier to see us.  We drove into Portland, went to our hotel, made Josh clean up and shower, and went off to explore.  First stop was a cup of coffee on the waterfront.  Here is a picture of Emily and Josh kicking off their second part of the summer.  They look pretty damn happy.

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  1. Susan

    So glad you liked Portland! My husband was born and raised there and we go every year to his childhood home in August for a week of what we call “Grammie camp!” I never tire of the old port and the food/restaurants are so good. I know what you mean about the kids growing out of the camp thing. My kids are doing that too. They are doing there own things this summer, and I was just saying to someone how relaxed they seem and at ease with themselves. I have also had that feeling with staff at camps or activities. So impersonal and strange. I don’t know if it is the times, or the way people are nowadays…it gives you an uneasy feeling. Your kids look so happy, isn’t that the best?