The Butcher of Baraboo

Second Stage is putting on two productions on the Upper West Side this summer.  I like the concept.  How to expand their audience in hopes of getting more people out to see their shows during the year.  As far as theater groups go, Second Stage is hands down one of the best.  The majority of the plays they put on this year we’re good and absolutely worth the seat.  I am looking forward to next year already.

The performance is set in a very small theater on 76th and Broadway.  Incredibly intimate although the chairs are small.  Taking place in a kitchen in Wisconsin.  A husband is missing, foul play perhaps, an incredibly dysfunctional family including the local deputy for the sister-in-law, a drug dealing Pharmaceutical daughter, a butcher for a mother and a brother next door who’s wife is on their seventh child all makes for a very dark comedy.

The best part of this play is the acting.  I liked the story and found some of the scenes quite funny but there are two performances which are stellar.  The sister-in-law Deputy played by Welker White.  One scene where she takes Crystal meth just to get a better understanding of the people she is arresting is brilliant.  Ashille Atkinson who played the drug dealing daughter is also fantastic.  Reading the BIOS on these actors is impressive.  Based on what I read, these are two character actors we will be seeing and hearing much more about in the future.