Back in the USA

Coming back is was exhausting.  We got through customs and finally left the airport around 10pm.  Got the car and drove straight out to the Hamptons.  Needless to say, I am a bit wacked out today.

Although there were a few places that we had read about going to, such as 1800, we passed on.  We checked out the menu and decided it just wasn’t that interesting.  We’d rather stick with the local tavernas. 

A total small world story.  Believe it or not, I had to get our dog out to the beach with us.  You can’t take him on the train or on the bus.  I really did not want to drive back in the city to get him so I found a dog taxi service.  Swear.  Probably only in NYC, right?  The guy meets me at long term parking, Howard Beach stop, with the dog.  I had called him when I landed and he had already picked him up in the city.  I found the whole thing comical.  Jessica and I got off the airbus at the Howard Beach stop, and there is this guy and our dog, Lucky.   It ends up that the taxi driver lived in Santorini for four years.  We start talking.  He knows all the places and the owners of the places we had been to.  He also knew the ceramist that I bought the piece from.  Not surprising since he lived in an island that has very few people on it during the off season, for four years.  When I told him that we decided in the end not to go to the top rated places like 1800 he completely agreed.  He said, "hey you live in NYC, you aren’t going to get better food anywhere else". 

So, in the end, we went local.  Based on Lucky’s taxi driver, we made the right call. 

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  1. rachel

    I love that story. We just figured out the best way for our dog to meet us at the airport…dog taxi…lol.