Today is our last day to explore.  We headed into Kamari for a very late
breakfast.  We have been eating breakfast around noon and then having a
snack in the late afternoon.  It works.

Kamari is a total beach town.  The winding street down to the beach just
looks like a beach town.  Once you make your way to the beach, there is a
long strip that hovers over the black beach.  Each beach has a different
name based on the hotel or area but they are all connecting.  Volleyball,
water sports, swimming, sunning etc.  The sand is incredibly hot.  It is
pretty safe to say that we were one of the very few Americans in the area.

We found a place that looked over the beach with big comfortable chairs with
cushions.  At this point, we know what works.  Yogurt, fresh fruit with
honey, coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice and perhaps a crepe.  The yogurt
is unbelievable.  Rich and tasty.

Once we finished we just strolled through town.  Probably not a bad place to
go for dinner but at this point, we have one place left on our list that we
want to go to and we can walk there from the hotel.  As much as I really
enjoyed driving all around the island and exploring, driving is a bit
harrowing, especially at night.