On the water

Seeing Santorini from the water is an entirely different experience.  It is a must.  Although the day was costly, I loved the entire experience.

Growing up, I spent sometime sailing.  My father loved to sail, although it appears as his zest for the sport has subsided.  My memories are mixed.  On one hand we found ourselves in a variety of storms.  Alas, weather.com did not exist at that point of time.  There was also a fair amount of screaming that went on when we were coming about.  YetOia
, being on the water today my memories came flooding back about what I actually liked.  I liked being on the water and having the wind whip through my hair and the sea salt taste in my mouth.  Sleeping and going to the bathroom on the boat are certainly not highlights but jumping off the boat into the water when ever we through anchor was great.  I also loved getting up early in the morning and drinking coffee under the blanket in the ocean silence that you only get on the water.

5 hour sail around the southern coast of Santorini.  The topography is quite incredible.  An old friend of ours is a geologist and he would have been in heaven.  Seeing the layersThe_kids
of soil just shouts out age and history.  We swam in the fresh water, jumped off the boat and swam into the sulfur waters in this one particular area.  We had dinner on the boat and watched the sunset.

I loved the entire day. If it was up to me, I’d go out there again tomorrow.