Perivolos Beach

Perivolos is quite the beach.  The strip runs pretty far from Perivolos to Perissa which are two beaches next to each other.  Our hotel had an area there so do a variety of other places.  Driving through that area is comical.  A game of chance. 

Volleyball is big.  There was definitely some type of tournament going onVolleyball
that Josh and Fred watched for awhile.  Josh has become our resident photographer, he took the photo of the guy serving.

Each beach area has a different name.  They each have wooden walkways with thatched umbrellas.  Black sand is soo hot.  The picture below is of Josh and Fred running back to save their feet. 

The kids also took a 10 minute boat ride, something like a banana boat but more like a big blown up chair that is pulled across the water.  We were discussing it on the way back in the car.  The cost is ridiculously over priced so they are not that busy.  If they dropped the rates in half they’d probably have 4 times as many customers and make more money but it isn’t the Greek way.  They’d rather lounge and have one customer that over pays.  That customer would be us. An interesting lesson for the kids.  The way of life here is so different than anywhere they have ever been.  Thailand beaches have tons of entrepreneurs, Brazilian beaches to do and Greece has a few but in general, the attitude is much more laissez-faire.  It is important to get into the island mentality when you get here. 

I never traveled as kid.  I didn’t really travel until I got into college.  I spent my Junior year abroad and theHot_sand
world changed for me.  I have been taken in by the travel bug ever since.  It is obviously a tremendous luxury to travel and believe me, I realize that and so do our kids.  The captain of our boat was talking about his son and how he traveled all over the world for a year and that is where he really got his education.  I know exactly what he is talking about.  Although our kids certainly see their fair share of life living in NYC, traveling has opened their minds to the world in a completely different way.  That is one of the greatest joys of raising children. Watching the world through their eyes, listening to their perceptions, thoughts and ideas about the world at large.  The world is their oyster and they are taking it all in. 

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  1. rachel

    GG, When you recover from jet lag would you post about the hotel you guys stayed at and your feedback? Thx so much.