Red Beach, Oia

At the bottom of Oia, there is a red beach.  Red meaning the rocks are red, no sand, as is the side of the mountain.  It is hardly a beach, a tiny bit of land where people hand out and swim.  The water is clear and refreshing.  The current is pretty rough when you swim outside the small area.  It is worth checking out.  Total local spot.

We swam over to the area we had seen from the boat yesterday.  A small church built into a tiny island of lava.  How deep the waters are has never been really figured out.  Jacques Cousteau had gone down 1500 meters but found other pockets where the ocean floor was even deeper but he couldn’t get there.  More than likely from the intensity of the volcanic explosionEm_jump_2

years and years ago. There is probably much to discover in the ocean around the islands.  The beautiful thing is that you can swim out to these tiny lava islands that have large drops that if you dare, you can make the plunge into the water from above since the water is so deep.

I swam around the bend with Jess and Em.  Took one look over the top and wasn’t so sure I wanted to make the plunge.  Jessica and Emily went for it.  Fred did too but unfortunately the camera failed to capture him.  Here is a picture of Emily and Jessica going for it.

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  1. Anderson

    Hi Gotham Gal,
    I love that you are reporting from Santorinni (sp?) as I have been dying to go there for years. It is so rich with history – especially under the water. Apparently it is illegal to explore under the water for artifacts. Is it possible for you and the fam to seek out the archeological sites. I’ve seen shows on Discovery and the History channel that were about perfectly preserved streets and housing on the island. If you do go there, I would love to see pics posted here along with your commentary.

  2. kit

    “Jacques Cousteau had gone down 1500 centimeters…”

    You do know that’s 15 meters, which is about 50 feet, right?