Sweets for lunch

There is an area near our hotel where there are a variety of different pottery shops.  This morning, while driving by one, a piece caught my eye and I circled back around and parked the car.  Ends up, the pottery shops are owned by the artists themselves.  This particular shop I wandered into is called Galatea Papageorgiou.  She was born in Athens, grew up in Canada and has lived in Santorini as a potter for the past 10 years. 

I bought the piece, had it shipped, which was absolutely worth the headache of shlepping it back but I asked her advice on food.  Her favorite bakery was up the street, which we had passed many times.  Also, a restaurant which we were thinking of going to but now are definitely going to, tomorrow night. 

We had finished the wineries and all of our activities and it was 4:30.  We weren’t so sure we wanted to haveBakery
a full on lunch so instead we stopped by the bakery.  I can’t tell you the name, but the picture is on the right hand side, and it is across from the Mexican Restaurant called Senor Zorbes. A total decadent sweets only Sweets
lunch.  The bakery was spectactular.  There were different pastries, breads and cookies everywhere.  You could barely walk through the place.  After spending about 12 euros, we came back to our hotel, went out on our deck and tasted everything.  We were all a bit ill after ingesting so much sugar but so worth it.  The best thing was the pastries laden with honey and stuffed with raspberries.  The cookies need coffee for dipping but the pastries, you can’t beat.