The Shadow of the Wind

My friend, who is a vocarious reader, gave me the book The Shadow of the Wind.  She said it was her favorite book of last year.  It had passed me by but I am so glad she gave it to me. 

What a fantastic read.  All the makings of a novel you don’t want to put down.  Well written, intriguing tale, page turner, romance, murder, each chapter unfolds something new that surprises the reader.  I just loved it.  What I particularly loved is that the book provokes the reader to think and pay attention. 

The story takes place in Barcelona, post war, 1945.  A young boy, whose father is a book seller is the center of the novel.  He had lost his mother when he was quite young.  His father teaches him the joy of books.  He brings him to a library that secretly keeps books that are no longer are in print or are the last of its kind.  He is given the gift of picking whatever book he is wants from the millions of books to read and keep one for his own.  That is where the journey begins. 

He loves the book.  The author of the book has died yet people are very interested in obtaining the book that he has.  He sets out to find out what exactly happened to the author.  This mystery opens a world that takes you through the streets of Barcelona and gives the reader a better understanding of what that time of history was like, and the one degree of separation he finds among many.  Brilliantly thought out. 

There are so many other plot directions but I will save those for the next reader.  If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you do.  Could be my favorite of the last 6 months, hands down.