Concert Going

I have always loved seeing a concert in Central Park.  The venue of being outdoors and listening to music is something I have done since I was a kid.  It is almost magical. 

Last night we went to see Voxtrot and Arctic Monkeys.  Love both bands. 

Although, I can see our concert going experiences changing.  Emily took off with her friend towards the middle.  Jessica hooked up with her pals and was crowd surfing in the mosh pit.  Afterward she hung out with the band all night and went to an exclusive club.  We’re in trouble.  Josh, the mosh pit wannabe, had me up to the very front, literally, left of center, rocking his heart out.  The people around us loved him and the fact that he was so into the music.  The short little man at 11 years old.  I, on the other hand, stood behind Josh thinking after about 45 minutes, can’t I go to the back and sit down?

The music was fantastic.  Never heard Voxtrot live and have been listening to them for awhile.  Catchy music.  Arctic Monkeys are now bigger than ever.  The audience was thrilled.  A real punk rock band of the 21st Century.