Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar

3610054153Perhaps I was taken away with the delicious meal we had at Jewel Bako the other night.  Believe me, I have had bad meals there too. Jacks Luxury Oyster Bar just does not rank.

Conceptually,  it is brilliant what Jack and Grace Lamb have accomplished in the East Village.  Small spaces created into gems with high end creative food, groovy vibes and high price points.  My guess is the rent is probably not that high which creates nice profits.  Unfortunately, concepts are only as good as the food that is served.

The decor in Jacks Oyster Bar is sexy.  A different type of sushi bar.  Red and luxurious in feel.  If they would continue to change the menu around and be more creative, perhaps the food would be more interesting.  Nothing was really good. 

We began with a dozen oysters, how could you not.  They were good.  Each plate afterward we split.  Crudo of yellowtail topped with grapefruit and small greens.  Interesting but really heavy, too heavy.  A chunk of watermelon topped with sliced onions and greens with a small slice of goat cheese.  The goat cheese was way too heavy handed in taste to bring out the sweetness of the watermelon.  We also had a small pasta dish with greens and mushrooms.  Honestly I can’t recall what was in it but it was pretty tasteless and in need of major salt.  The last thing we had was roasted sable with a pistachio sauce over sauteed greens and a crunchy slice of spicy peppers.  This was interesting but again not a huge wow. 

Would I return, not really.  If they changed the menu and mixed things up a bit, sure.  Jewel Bako has ebbed and flowed over the years and still remains.  Jack and Grace Lamb are entrepreneurs.  I wouldn’t ever count them out.