Los Dados

Los Dados opened on Washington Street, in the meatpacking area about 6 weeks ago. We live in the neighborhood and have tried 3 times to get reservations. 

First time, the girls went by themselves to see if they could have dinner.  The place was not busy but the hostess said that they would have to wait 15 minutes for a reservation not to show up and then in the end, decided that there would be nothing available for them.  Ok.  The second time, I walked over there with Jessica to see if they could take the 5 of us at 630.  They were booked and maybe another night or perhaps 930.  Not.  The third time, I called, 5 days in advance, to get Jessica a table with her friends to get a table at 630, Friday night for 5 people.  The hostess could not decide if they could actually do 630 maybe 6, maybe not.  She had to call me back after asking management.  In the end, there are nothing available.

Last night, Fred went out with his friend before a concert for dinner.  He told me they went to Los Dados.  No way.  He said they went there are 630 and were the only people there when they left at 8pm.  He also had a serious stomach ache last night.  He said the food was inedible.  Hmmm.

What’s up with Los Dados?  Only looking for the right people, the right stars to venture in?  Spare me.  Restaurants are about being in business and creating a clientele.  Emily’s comments about Fred getting in last night were spot on.  "We will never go there.  I hope they go out of business.  I hope Frank Bruni goes there and totally trashes the place.  They don’t deserve anyone to eat there".  I couldn’t agree more.

Wake up all the restaurant owners who think they are only going to cater to the stars and the "in" people.  All those people are looking for the next best place after awhile.  Good customers continue to come back.  Pissing people off in your community is not the way to longevity.  Duh…

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  1. fred wilson

    the ceviche was actually pretty good, but the fish taco was the worst i’ve ever had.

    give ’em hell jo!