Catalog Choice

I hate getting massive amounts of catalogs in my mailbox every day.  Sorting through the mail is quite easy.  One pile for garbage, one to keep.  The catalogs don’t even get a look.  If I need something, I go online and order it.  Catalogs hopefully will be one form of marketing that will cease to exist over time.  God knows how many trees go into each catalog that ends up in the trash.  It completely goes against what we are trying to promote to our kids about saving the planet. 

This week a friend of mine sent me an email about her friends latest venture.  Catalog Choice.  It is all about getting off catalog lists.  Anybody can sign up.  Then once you are signed up you can opt out of every catalog that you get.  The key is getting the customer number on your catalog when you enter the information.  That insures that your name will really get taken off the appropriate list. 

So, every time I get a catalog and we all know that with Xmas season right around the corner we will be bombarded with catalogs, I am going to go to Catalog Choice and enter the information.  It will take a few minutes everyday but well worth the effort.  Our post office will thank you.  Our planet will thank you.  This will force companies to figure out a better way to use the Internet to market their services.  Entire businesses could be created just out of that.  Getting rid of catalogs could create new businesses.  Think of that. 

Unless you absolutely love your catalogs, go to Catalog Choice and opt out.