Dove Campaign

My friend sent me this campaign.  I love it.  Whoever is the creative person at Dove is very clever.   They have been running a campaign for the past year or so with women in bras and underwear that are completely normal looking people who could be your neighbor.  It is pro-women and anti-media.  They are taking a dig at the fashion world who has air brushed their way into the hearts of million of young girls who want to look like the next Kate Moss.  The models, who are air-brushed in most magazines, are not real life. 

Check out this quick video that Dove did.  I hope every person who knows teenage girls shows them this video.  This is reality.               

I removed this video because it was autoplaying on every visit.

Comments (Archived):

  1. andyjacobson

    clever concept, bad copywriting. should have related the copy more directly to the idea of “clean”, “pure”, “honest” — what DOVE is all about.

    hope it sells product so that it’ll be yet another example of responsible advertising.

    thanks for putting up the post joanne.