League for the Hard of Hearing

It seems that all of our friends have one organization or another that they are involved with.  All a good thing.  I try to support everyone’s events and organizations especially the friends who have long time commitments to something.  It makes a difference to me because it is not a fly by night cause. 

Our really good friends have been involved with The League for the Hard of Hearing for probably 13 years.  It is an incredible organization that helps everybody from young children to adults who need help with hearing issues.  They are big supporters of new technologies in hearing aids and cochlear implants as well as early childhood development. 

One of the nice thing about last night’s event is listening to the people that the League has helped.  An incredibly poignant 11 year old boy spoke about how the League literally changed his life.  The other bonus is that the event is basically a huge cocktail party with tastes from restaurants around the city.  No sitting, no long speech, no rubber chicken.  Just a big eat, drink and talk and be home at a reasonable hour. 

Bravo to the League.  I hope they raised a lot of money last night.