Pumpkins and Seeds

I love Halloween.  Getting the pumpkins.  CarvingPumpkins_3

them up.  Roasting the pumpkin seeds.  All smells like Autumn. 

This year I made the pumpkin seeds a bit different.  I used olive oil, kosher salt, 1/2 cup raw sugar, 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper and an egg white.  Not sure you need the egg white when you have the olive oil but I used them both.  Really mix up the pumpkin seeds so they are thoroughly covered with the mixture.  Roast at 400 until they are browned, then mix them a little bit more and roast again.  They were a little bit wet when they came out of the oven but I poured them into a bowl and they stuck together as they dried.  Sweet with a little kick.  We gobbled them up.

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  1. MissPinkKate

    Thanks for the recipe! I crakced open my pumpkin tonight, and am roasting the seeds as we speak (using an egg white because you said so!). Tomorrow night- pumpkin pie!