Two Movies

I love the movies.  The smell of popcorn is always enticing.  Seeing something up there on the big screen.  I actually do not mind sitting through bad movies but would obviously prefer a good film.  Bad live theater is absolutely worse than bad film. 

Yesterday, I checked out for two films.  It was great.  I saw Lars and the Real Girl at the Angelica at 11:50.  I was one of 3 people in the theater.  Then jumped on my bike and went to see Gone Baby Gone on 3rd and 11th.  Surprisingly, and I say surprisingly because most films these days are mediocre, I really enjoyed both films. 

Ryan Gosling is probably one of the best young actors in Hollywood right now.  He is incredibly talented.  The movie is touching.  A young man buys a real life looking doll on the Internet to be his girlfriend.  The entire town embraces this doll to support what he is going through.  Everybody deals with life situations differently.  He happened to buy a doll to cope.  It an interesting story about life, community and love.  Quirky and thoughtful.

Ben Affleck has found his calling.  Never was too impressed with his acting but his directing is a whole different ball game.  The screenplay is well written (he co-wrote it), the filming completely captures Boston, Casey Affleck is fantastic, the story has twists and turns.  Really well done.  It isn’t just about a kid getting kidnapped.  It is also about cops who have lost faith in the system and have taken the game into their own hands.  Searching for the truth is the constant through out the film. The end of the film makes you think about what is right and what is wrong.  Really well done.  Still thinking about it. 

Hoping to see Rendition tomorrow.