What I love about NYC

Yesterday I had to go uptown to run an errand.  I had a credit at Takashimaya that was only going to be good for another few days. 

I jumped on the E and went up there.  Takashimaya has gone downhill.  I am so disappointed in their renovations and the merchandise in the store.  It wasn’t so easy to use up the credit but it didn’t take long so I walked over to the MOMA. 

At the MOMA I checked out the Seurat drawings which were good but not great.  Impressive work, obviously and an incredibly prolific artist who unfortunately died at an early age but not my cup of tea.  I swept through the photo exhibit too.   

Still, with time to kill, I took the E back downtown to get some tights in my neighborhood.  Did a little looking around, picked up a sweater too.

Walked home, made dinner and then left instructions because I had a board meeting to go to last night. 

What I loved about the day is that none of this was planned.  I just walked out of my door to run some errands and ended up seeing an art exhibit in between.  One of the many things I so love about NYC.

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  1. ellen

    Yesterday was that kind of day. I checked out our new Neiman Marcus and LV store at the Natick Collection, A wing of an old mall with some exciting new Department store anchors. The concept of having a Sears and J,C, Penny so close to such high end stores seemed odd but convienent. You can pick up a Leiber handbag and a power drill at the same time.

    No museums though. Would have had to drive to Wellesley for that.