Ben Lee

I was a bad Mom.  Josh was totally under the weather yesterday.  He slept 13 hours the night before.  He stayed home from school.  Fred and I went for dinner with friends and the kids were supposed to hook up with us about 930/10 to see Ben Lee at the Blender Theater at Gramercy ( a terrific new venue ).  I called home around 915 and spoke with Josh.  I asked him how he was feeling.  He said much better so I said, get dressed, you can’t miss this concert.  And so, we all went.  What a fantastic concert!

As Jessica pointed out, she has been listening to Ben Lee since she was 4.  So true.  We have been listening to Ben Lee since his first album back in 1995 and have been following him ever since.  Never heard him in concert before and what a treat it was. 

The venue is small.  Most people knew his music intimately.  He is a wonderful performer.  Talks to the audience, makes jokes, gets the audience to sing along, etc.  I particularly liked when he sang a song from a band he likes and wasn’t sure he knew the words so he sang them while reading them on his blackberry.  He even called a friend who usually plays with him but happened to be home sick that evening.  Put her on speaker and then played a song for her.  It was hilarious and intimate at the same time. 

The last song of the evening was We’re All in This Together which was a big group sing.  Such a talented individual who is incredibly comfortable in his own skin.  An added bonus is he uses Facebook, his website is smart and seamless and he uses a blackberry.  Our kind of guy. 

When we left the concert I was exhilarated.  It is one of those rare concerts where after you leave, you just feel like skipping down the street.  So glad we all were there, Josh would have been bummed if I had made him stay home because we will certainly be talking about this show for years to come.  Also, Josh got to go in back with me and meet Ben.  That in itself is a treat. 

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